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Dont just sit there! :iconeatingplz: Take a look at mah stuff!
Come on now! Dont be afraid, go on now! :iconapplebuckplz:


Anyone who is on here deserves to be here, there art is inspiration to me and of course please pay full respcet to anyone on here, heck just check these amazing people! :iconsuperw00tplz:



Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy by Wonder-Waffle
"Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone it's me! Gallow! You are probably wondering what i am doing here, well let this bird brain bird tell ya, erhurm, so Waffle wanted someone to like...start the journal off, ight? Ya know cause he was all, "Man i really need a way to get everyone attention with this journal! Oh wait i know just the bird that can help me!! I must leave now to go and get this wonderful bird that is sure to accomplish this amazing task for me!...."...and so he went to so and so, looked up and about for days on end and bleh bleh blah finds said glorious bird...and well ya pretty much get the idea from there, still, wanna guess who that bird was?!.....That's right! He got me to do it ya silly fellas! Why do ya think im talkin here in the first place!? ahaa and mang oh mang this is freaking exciting i never done something like this before until now ahaaaa SOOOOOoooo i suppose it is time for me to start this journal thing....ight...mmmm....oh yeh! Ayyyyy everyone it's me! Ga-wait no no i already did that....mmm hold up just let me go over this script thingie again....wait, where in the world did i put that....ehhh...ok maybe i can a few backflips or something, thats a way to get everyones attention, perhaps a backflip from a tree....mmm hold up guys imma go look for a tall tree or something to do a backflip fr-....."


hahaa sorry, i just felt like doing a little something cause he is technically involved in this journal in some way~ 
First of all i want to say, howdy howdy howdy howdy friends! :iconspacetiredplz:
How goes it so far? I been doing so and so, really starting from today i am going to be pretty dang busy! You see midterms are wrapping up and after Thanksgiving break i got finals soooooooooo i might be a bit spotty around here when it comes to replying to comments, and probably drawing, maybe, i tend to actually have allot of things sketches up and near completion, but i like to take my time and clean them up~
Also a quick apology to those i have RPd with, specifically deviantCrossing :icongo-on-plz:
I have not had a chance to reply at all to a majority of them due to, well again, midterms, and really i could it is just that i end up getting thrown off course, and i really do not want that to happen when it comes to my studying
BUT i will be trying to get those replied(if not start new ones) during Thanksgiving break, we will see~

But yeah, that is what is up, i just wanted to give yall a update on what is going on as of far, also how you guys are doing~ 
It has been pretty....pretty dang cold here, i really love the cold weather though cause i can wear my hat around :iconevilonionplz:

Ahahaaaaaa lets see lets see......oh i have noticed allot of yall really like Visitor, heh really i am not sure what to say besides thank you on that, seriously yall are just feeding more ideas for Visitor!
I mean originally it was just him, just The Visitor
But after a few wonderful people decided to draw him it has birthed the idea that he is not the only one, along with letting me give each Visitor a slightly different look~ You know, same colors and what not, just different in structure and sizes, you get the idea, each one look slightly different in some way
For example:
strangefolk by Wonder-Waffle
heh....i will give you a hint, 2 of these are based off the following, which i also must say thank you again for helping me get this idea of multiple visitors........:iconsmartyplz:

Visiting some Visitors by Piranha2021 
made by ever so talented friend, :iconpiranha2021:(she is also hosting a character design contest which i am in, and i suggest you jump i as well! seriously go check it out!)

made by awesome good friend broham who also knows how to use a brush, :icondim-blomb:

Ahahaaaaa and one more big thank you to....well all of you! Not just for giving me ideas on the Visitor, but my art in general, i know i say this allot but i just cant help it, Seriously, you guys are by far the best! Gahaaaaaaa yall put the wonder on the title for crying out loud, if it wasnt for all of you it would just be....well Waffle! :iconblushplz:

Love you all and stay awesome! OH and have a fun thanksgiving! Make sure to save some turkey for me though :iconapplecrackplz:

Catch yall cool cats on the flipside, and stay safe(especially if you are going to Black Friday...wait why do we even call it that anymore?)

Your Nerdy Friend, :iconwonder-waffle:
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  • Playing: Super Smash Bros for the 3DS
  • Eating: stuff
  • Drinking: things


Wonder-Waffle's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
profile picture made by the awesome :iconthewhimsicalgoat:

Why hello! The name is Wonder-Waffle(if not obvious) :iconsmartyplz:
Or you can call me whatever name ya want, trust me, i have earned all kinds names for the time being here, but for starters ya can just call me Waffle for short!

Now you are probably reading this just to know about me, yes?
Well, i have been drawing since well...heck as long as i can remember, i suppose i can say i have quite the active imagination.
The art i draw is usually fan art, though varies on what fandom, so far ponies and pokemon, and of course i also draw my own original stuff.
I do not really do art for profit(though i plan to and will have to at some point if i ever get a job in art)
You can say i make art for....well just for the sake of it, the experience, and the people i meet cause of it. I just love it.

I am a really open fella, so do not shy away if you ever want to talk, trust me i love meeting new people and making new friends! :iconapplejackplz:
Now anything regarding art trades, commissions, collabs, and request i suppose it is best you note me about it, please.
Though i will be honest, trades and collabs are things i prefer to do with friends :icondontunderstandplz:

Also other ways you can find me is tumblr(though i suggest not going to it as i am going to start over on it soon and fix it up) and Skype(wanna know? well suppose just note)
Anyways, yeah, anything else you want to know about me, just ask, or take a look at my gallery, art tends to show what kind of person the artist is well as i see it heh

Oh and thank you for stopping by! Along with reading all the blabber :iconevilonionplz:
Teiwaz Rune: Feral by bionic-hobo
Othila rune: Vee by bionic-hobo
Gebo: Arbusto Shrub by bionic-hobo
Gebo: Arbusto vers. 2 by bionic-hobo
stamps made by the one and only :iconbionic-hobo:

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